The 5 Steps to Better Manage Digestive Symptoms of IBS & IBD
Featuring the Only Evidence-Based Diet to Significantly Reduce Digestive Symptoms - The Low FODMAP Diet

Jim Johnson

Stephanie Clairmont, MHSc, RD
Digestive Health Dietitian

Stephanie has been helping clients for 5+ years eliminate digestive symptoms after being diagnosed with IBS in 2007 and finding symptom relief.

Thursday, March 15th


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A Step-by-Step Plan
Learn the step-by-step Wellness Within system to connect with your body, improve symptoms and clearly identify triggers so you can experience ongoing improvement of digesive issues related to IBS, IBD or other digestive diseases and disorders.

Foods to Include & Avoid
Discover how to follow the Low FODMAP diet, what foods to include and what foods to avoid to experience significant symptom improvement. PLUS additional dietary strategies that can take your symptoms from 50% to 99% better!

Expand Your Diet
The elimination phase is not for long - add FODMAPs back for good digestion. Learn how to challenge FODMAPs so that you can clearly identify what foods trigger symptoms and what foods are safe to eat so you can expand your diet.

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